EarnzCoin (ERZ) is a X-11 based, PoW/PoS, ASIC friendly cryptocurrency with masternodes and a lending platform.

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EarnzCoin (ERZ) is a multifaceted Digital Currency that is X-11 based with PoW/PoS and is the first of its kind in an ever growing market. It will also have a lending platform, a referral program and will be ASIC miner friendly. However, the best feature of all that EarnzCoin brings to the table is that it is the first and only lending coin that also offers Masternodes. Read our whitepaper here and download the EarnzCoin wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Become part of the EarnzCoin community by joining the Pre-Purchase Phase with the ability to purchase ERZ using one of three Cryptocurrencies which include BTC, LTC & DOGE.

Multifaceted Lending and Staking

Earn more with Earnz


  • Stable, Variable passive income with daily payouts
  • Referral Program - 6 Tiers (Bearing interest from 1-8%)
  • Earn some EarnzCoin by keeping your wallet open to stake or earn as a Masternode
  • Ability to mine EarnzCoin with energy efficient ASIC Hardware.


  • Transparency Through Blockchain Technology
  • Initial loan deposits will be held in Offline wallets with multi-sig access
  • Early exit possible at any-time with 30% penalty of Initial Loan
  • No Bots, Wall Street Traders or Bears


  • Social Media & Bitcointalk Forum presence
  • Customer Support
  • Future listing on 2x Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • All fees earned by the EarnzCoin Foundation by Staking will be sent to a community pot for Promotional use


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Check our Bitcointalk ANN topic for lending and referral platform development news and future exchange listings.




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Minimum purchase: 1,000 coins. Stages: 800,000 coins @ $0.10 then $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50. 4,000,000 coins total. Unsold coins will be burned. No refunds.

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