EarnzCoin (ERZ) is a X-11 based, PoW/PoS, ASIC friendly cryptocurrency with masternodes and a lock-in platform.

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EarnzCoin (ERZ) is a multifaceted Digital Currency that is X-11 based with PoW/PoS and is the first of its kind in an ever growing market. It also has a lock-in platform, a referral program and is ASIC miner friendly. However, the best feature of all that EarnzCoin brings to the table is that it is the first and only lock-in coin that also offers Masternodes. Read our whitepaper here and download the EarnzCoin wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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Multifaceted Lock-ins and Staking

Earn more with Earnz


  • Stable, Variable passive income with daily payouts
  • Referral Program - 6 Tiers (Bearing interest from 1-8%)
  • Earn some EarnzCoin by keeping your wallet open to stake or earn as a Masternode
  • Ability to mine EarnzCoin with energy efficient ASIC Hardware.


  • Transparency Through Blockchain Technology
  • Initial lock-in deposits are held in Offline wallets with multi-sig access
  • Early exit possible at any-time with 30% penalty of Initial Loan
  • No Bots, Wall Street Traders or Bears


  • Social Media & Bitcointalk Forum presence
  • Customer Support
  • Listing on 3x Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • All fees earned by the EarnzCoin Foundation by Staking will be sent to a community pot for Promotional use

Earn more with Earnz

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